• Established

    1978. Guest ranch since 1985
  • Owner

    The Reid Family
  • Manager

    Gardener Reid
  • Tel

    1-800-468-3274, (801) 486-5083
  • Nightly Rates (per adult)

    $84 - $250
  • Nightly Rates (per child)

    $35 - $162
  • Minimum Stay

    1 day
  • Maximum Guests

  • Works with travel agents?

  • Great For

    Action & adventure, Diverse scenery

Tucked away high on the slopes of the Uinta Mountains on the Red Creek River, the Reid Ranch is secluded in one of the most magnificent scenic and wildlife regions around. Guests may enjoy the wonder of alpine meadows strewn with wild flowers and the breathtaking mountain views.

The moose, elk, deer, occasional mountain lion and bear that may be seen are but a part of the variety of wildlife that make this region their home. Bald and golden eagles soar overhead while ducks and blue herons are viewed as you hike or leisurely rest on our lodges’ sun decks.

The Reid Ranch is situated at 7800 feet above sea level. This gives one a feeling of freedom to roam and relax under a warm mountain sun and cool mountain breezes. Enjoy the outdoors and the many activities available at the Ranch.

Children at the Ranch

Great for children aged 3 and over

Reid ranch is the place to go if you're looking for a kids adventure; they cater for large groups, youth conferences, girl camps, and family reunions.

Minimum age children can ride

3 and over


hiking, biking, outdoor play area, paddle boating, canoeing, kyaking


horseshoes, soccer, volleyball, ping pong, pool table, fooseball, frisbee golf

Ranch History

Reid Ranch was purchased in 1978 by Mervin and Ethna Reid. They had been looking for a getaway for many years. After being told about the property by a friend, they took a leisurely drive to see the location. Upon arriving, they fell in love with the location, its beauty, and the abundant wild life. They could visualize immediately “Reid Ranch.” What they found was a very primitive location with one small building that was partially built. They decided to remodel the existing building with the help of Mervin’s architectural design. In addition, they hoped to use it as a site for seminars of the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI); a program, founded by Ethna and Mervin, to instruct teachers how to teach so no student fails to learn.

Before beginning to build, however, they knew they first had to find culinary water. They had a hard time digging wells and bringing water to the lodges but it was finally accomplished in 1982 with a 520 ft deep well and a 25,000 gallon glass-lined steel storage tank which was brought in at great risk and buried in the mountainside. Building has definitely never been easy at Reid Ranch but soon the lodge was built after having it collapse in the early stages because of a harsh winter. More roads were also grated and grass was planted. The Ranch was on its way to becoming what it is today.

In 1985, Ethna was able to begin her seminars at the Ranch. One gentleman from South Dakota, who was a participant in the seminar, loved the atmosphere of the Ranch so much he wrote: “It is one of the seven wonders of the world.”

Because of the enthusiasm of the participants at the ECRI seminars, the Reids opened the Ranch to church groups, family reunions, government and company groups. The response has been gratifying. The Ranch books groups up to a year in advance because of its popularity. Sitting at 7800 ft elevation in the Uinta Mountains, Reid Ranch is truly God ’s country. You can still experience seeing deer, moose, elk, bear, beaver, porcupine, mountain lion, and even skunks. The Reid Ranch will continue to be a pristine Western location to enjoy now and in the future. The Reids love the area, and they hope those who stay can sense the beauty as they see it.


  • Enjoy

  • Meals served

    buffet style, everyone eats together, scheduled meals
  • Alcohol

    no alcohol please
  • Enjoy dining in

    dining room (casual attire)
  • Dietary restrictions catered for

    lactose intolerant, vegans, vegetarians, Gluten free, other

The Swingin’ ME Dining Hall is where all meals are served to guests. The café is located next to the Bunkhouse. Three western-style meals are served each day and are included in the price of your stay. Food is served buffet style. Guests may go back for seconds once all guests have gotten their meal. To accomodate over 200 guests; meal times are pre-scheduled for your group. Groups will receive their Rotation Schedule concerning meals and activities 30 days prior to their arrival or after final payment, whichever is later. If you have special dietary needs please be sure to have your group’s host fill out our Dietary Form at least two weeks prior to your stay. No alcohol permitted on ranch property


  • Address

    2965 East Evergreen Ave.
    Salt Lake City
  • Remote Location

  • Elevation

    7800 ft

Nearest Town - Fruitland

Fruitland is situated 13 miles / 45 mins from the Ranch.

Nearest Airports

Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City


150 miles / 2 hours 15 mins


  • Type of Riding

    Western Riding
  • Riding opportunities for

  • Most riders are

  • Rides are grouped by

    Everyone rides together
  • Max riders per ride

  • Wranglers per ride

  • Pace of ride

  • Guest Horses


Our Riding

Weight limit for riding

Up to 225 lbs

Riding considerations

no riding experience needed

Hours in the saddle

Trail rides are scheduled every 40 minutes and each is a 20-25 minute journey through spectacular forest trails. Ride times are from 9:00 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. and 1:10 p.m. – 5:50 p.m. Please see your assigned time-slots. SIGN-UP IS REQUIRED AT THE TRADING POST EVEN THOUGH YOU WILL HAVE RECEIVED YOUR GROUP ROTATION SCHEDULE BEFOREHAND.

Why our riding stands out

  • Perfect for beginners/those looking for shorter rides: trail rides are scheduled every 40 minutes and each is a 20-25 minute journey through spectacular forest trails.
  • Pony rides are available for guests aged 3-9
  • The mountain scenery is stunning


  • Nightly Rates (per adult)

    $84 - $250
  • Nightly Rates (per child)

    $35 - $162
  • Minimum Stay

    1 day
  • Preferred Arrival Day

    Any day is fine
  • Preferred Departure Day

    Any day is fine
  • Style of accommodation

    Ranch rustic, Tents

Reid Ranch Resort can cater for up to 700 guests. See below for details and indicative rates.

Lodge | The Red Creek Lodge

Rates (Per Person)

$55 - $108

Minimum Stay

1 night


Sleeps 40 people, modern but rustic enough to give guests a western feel.  With a 24 feet high ceiling, spacious entry and a long staircase, it is one of the most luxurious ranch resort lodges around. There are large spacious bedrooms and baths—and each room is thermostatically heated by electric heat.  Enjoy the full sun deck, an outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub.  Family group prices are based on group size and individual ages/night. Youth group prices based on group size and length of stay.




Shared bathroom


hot tub

Lodge | The Tabby Mountain Lodge

Rates (Per Person)

$43 - $250

Minimum Stay

1 night


The Tabby Mountain Lodge is a 20 room hotel-style lodge that can accommodate up to 114 people.  Each room has its own bathroom facilities and privacy locks.  There is a great room or lobby area on the main floor as well as a conference room.  A second conference room is located on the top floor.  Also, there is plenty of space out on the deck for groups to gather and share good times.  Family pricing based on group size, number of rooms, number of guest in each room, and ages/night.




Private bathroom


Handicapped Accessible

Lodge | The Bunkhouse

Rates (Per Person)

$88 - $100

Minimum Stay

1 night


The Bunkhouse sleeps 54 persons and consists of two dorm rooms of up to 26 or 28 people on bunk beds in a common room.  Each Dorm has its own bathroom facilities.  The bunkhouse is most popular for youth groups.  Youth groups with both boys and girls must have a minimum of 35 persons to reserve the Bunkhouse; for a girls and boys dorm split. Smaller groups of a single gender may reserve one side of the Bunkhouse.




Private bathroom

Booking Policy

Closed Sundays

Reid Ranch nightly rates for family groups in our Tabby Mountain Lodge are based on the total number of persons in the group (not counting infants),* the number of persons in each room (not counting infants),* and the age of each person.

Reid Ranch has appreciated the patronage of super-activity, young women, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, and other youth groups including church sponsored groups for many years. We would like to keep that tradition going. Three scheduling options are available for youth groups: 1½ day, 2½, or 3½ day schedules. If your group would like to stay more days please contact us. See the price chart below.

Groups staying at Reid Ranch may have to share facilities with other groups such as the Tabby Mountain Lodge. Non-shared activities are scheduled on a rotation for all groups. Groups of 80 or more staying at the Tabby Mountain Lodge may reserve that space for themselves. Groups of 300 or more may reserve the entire ranch for themselves. Groups must have a minimum of 25 persons to reserve the Red Creek Lodge and a minimum of 35 persons to reserve both sides of the Bunkhouse.

A deposit of 20% of the total reservation cost is a required up front to hold your reservation.

The full balance is due 30 days before your arrival, along with a separate $100.00 damage deposit check. Once your final payment hasbeen made and no more than one month prior to your arrival, a final packet of information will be mailed which will include your group's Rotation Schedule.

The damage deposit check will be held; and will be be refunded at the end of the stay if no damage occurs. Please be aware that if damages exceed the $100.00 damage deposit, extra payment is to be paid in full before departure.

Additional guests may be added up to 1 week prior to your arrival. Additional payment is due at such time. No payment is taken at Reid Ranch for food or guests. Please remember there are no refunds given for any subtractions to your group’s numbers after the 30 days prior to arriving. Also, no additional guests are allowed on the ranch other than those who have been paid for in full up to one week prior. All names of individuals must be submitted to Reid Ranch on the Guest Roster to obtain entry to activities and meals. The Reid Ranch will not give refunds for any loss or detriment caused by Acts of God.

If cancellation of a youth group is received before 150 days, only $200 of the 20% will be forfeited. If cancellation is received 150 days or less, one-quarter of the deposit will be forfeited. If cancellation is received 120 days or less, half of the deposit will be forfeited. If cancellation is received 90 days or less, three-quarters of the deposit will be forfeited. If cancellation is received 60 days or less, all of the deposit will be forfeited.

You may subtract individuals from your group up to 30 days before your arrival when the final payment is due. Please be aware that if you subtract people you may fall into a smaller group size bracket and have to pay more per person; please see the price charts to compare group sizes.

Included in your stay

meals, activities, lodging, Riding



Utah Sales tax of 7.7% will be added


  • You can borrow

    Riding helmets
  • Communications

    Wireless Internet/Wifi, telephone.



Souvenir Shop and Trading Post

Hours: 8:30-11:30 a.m., 12:45-5:30 p.m., after dinner from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

Outdoor Activities

mountain biking, mini-golf, frisbee golf, archery

Water based Activities

outdoor pool, hot tub, lake water sports, sauna

Fishing & Wildlife

Fishing is a "catch and release"; guests must have a valid Utah State issued fishing license and their own equipment.

Fishing on offer

lake, stream, BYO equipment

Additional Services

Corporate Retreats

For groups of 100 & over.

Groups staying at Reid Ranch may have to share facilities with other groups.  Non-shared activities are scheduled on a rotation for all groups.  Groups of 80 or more staying at the Tabby Mountain Lodge may reserve that space for themselves.  Groups of 300 or more may reserve the entire ranch for themselves.  Groups must have a minimum of 25 persons to reserve the Red Creek Lodge and a minimum of 35 persons to reserve both sides of the Bunkhouse.

All prices include three western-style meals per day (by Reid Ranch’s head chef) and activities.  Lodging, camping, and Tent City options available for accomdations.


  • The ranch is set amongst beautiful scenery and landscapes in the Uinta Mountains
  • It's an excellent ranch for very large groups, families and corporate team building as it has a large guest capacity
  • The ranch boasts quality facilities for seminars and teaching workshops


  • Best for large groups rather than individual families, couples or singles