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Rancho Los Banos is a privately owned 30,000 acre adventure guest ranch, cattle ranch and nature travel destination. We are a genuine cattle ranch and unspoiled wilderness preserve located at the foot of the Sierra Madres, the Mexican Rockies. We are one of the more unique guest ranches around, with scenery out of a National Park setting, enveloped by some of the most exotic and otherworldly landscapes you will see in a high desert guest ranch.

Guests are offered an exclusive, unique and spectacular nature setting, with no signs of civilization. We are an adventure guest ranch, nestled in the high Sonoran desert, offering a serene, diverse and pristine wilderness that is vast, remote, rugged and scenic, with a wide range of adventures to chose from, including world-class horseback riding and hiking.

Combined with great accommodations and service, Mexican hospitality and diverse cuisine that is second to none, close proximity to the United States, staying in pristine and isolated land, and a natural scenery that is spectacular to see, together with world-class adventures, a stay with us is sure to make your vacation an exciting, fun-filled, relaxing and memorable one.

While we are located in safe, secure northeast Sonora, Mexico, we are so close to Arizona that we would like you to consider our ranch for a possible stay. We feel we are a better guest ranch option than any guest/working ranch in Arizona, and more scenic and spectacular as well, offering riding that cannot be matched in the US Southwest.

If riding, the outdoors and scenery are passions of yours, then our ranch is the destination for you. For an active holiday stay, offering adventure and relaxation that is hard to beat, start planning a stay with us.

Our offices are based in Tucson. Through our shuttle service, we personally escort and drive you from Tucson to the ranch and back, leaving the driving to us and the sightseeing to you.

Your Hosts

Valenzuela Family



12-14, Average 6-8, Capacity for 16




From $190-$250/night, with progressive 3-10 night packages. All-inclusive: meals, drinks, adventures, roundtrip transfer. 5,10% discounts for triple, quadruple occup. Children 0-6 free, 7-10 half off.

Minimum stay

Three nights


50% of total Package

Payment Methods

Credit Cards, PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Traveler’s Checks


Weekend Round-trip shuttle from Tucson to the Ranch included in Daily Rate. Weekday shuttle add $40 per guest


Our modern casitas will become your home away from home, offering homey comfort and relaxation. Offering private, spacious and comfortable casitas with a separate common dining room and living room in a very comfortable and clean setting, with solar energy and flat screen television with DVDs, with hot water and fully functioning baths, this ranch will welcome you with open arms. When relaxing or eating outside, you will enjoy our 360 degree views from the covered porch that is something out of a Western movie.

Food & Dining

The all inclusive rates and packages offer three great home-cooked meals a day, including fresh, mesquite fire cooked Mexican cuisine, both northern and southern Mexican dishes, along with International dishes, combined with tasty home-made pastries and other such delights. Salads and cooked veggies are a constant with meals. All snacks and drinks are also provided.

You will dine family style in either the guest dining area or outdoor tables, on the palapa, overlooking vistas that are scenic and spectacular. When on hiking adventures, you will carry snacks with you inside the canyons, to be eaten in intimate, private and fantastic settings.

These meals are a constant guest favorite, made with pride and lots of love, without cutting corners, full of quality and quantity. Tasty, plentiful and delicious, the meals, from breakfast to dinner, will not disappoint. Examples of these meals include Mexican style-pulled pork (Carnitas) with home-made beans, tortillas and rice, homemade tamales, quesadillas, guacamole, chicken fajitas, mesquite-grilled steaks and porkchops, huevos rancheros, chile con carne, roasted oven chicken, enchiladas, chilaquiles, sopes, enfrijoladas, homemade chili and much more.�

Rancho Los Banos does cater to vegetarians, vegans, glutten free and religious/philosophical tastes. Guests are encouraged to bring your own alcohol, BYOB style, as well as favorite foods and snacks as well.�


With world-class horseback riding, offering amazing trail riding through sierras, canyons, hills, riverbeds, ravines, mesas and forests of desert vegetation, Rancho Los Banos will showcase riding the way it is supposed to be, in complete freedom, in beautiful wilderness, in serene and quiet surroundings, with excellent and well-mannered horses, away from nose to tail riding, far removed from civilization. We embrace quality over quantity, people over profit, offering riding in intimate, personal settings.

Come discover why guests that know riding come back to visit over and over again, finding in the ranch a truly fantastic riding experience.

At the ranch, besides our many scenic nature trails, you can also ride to numerous historical attractions. Our guests visit a 17th century abandoned Jesuit gold mine [at 6,000 feet of elevation with views that go for miles], by the name of San Jose, where many Native American slaves perished. Deep inside a scrub oak, canopy-filled canyon at the foot of 7,500 ft El Pinito Mountain, guests also visit the remains of a 19th century bandit hiding camp where both American and Mexican outlaws went to lay low. After all, the Wild West did not end at the border. You can also ride to 2,000 year old pre-Colombian dwellings full of pictographs, deep inside El Cajon Canyon, or visit a 20 mile long lake, and its dam, built during the Great Depression by the architects and engineers that also built Hoover Dam [the dam is a smaller replica of Hoover]. You can visit the ruins of an early 20th century homestead, with a genuine Model T Ford skeleton gathering rust.�

At Cat Claw Cliffs, you will ride up to the top, with spectacular 360 degree views. These cliffs and its canyons, the story goes, hold the lost gold of an outlaw on the run, stashing his treasure after robbing a stagecoach. If that is not enough, you can ride to magnificent views of famous El Tigre, a nearby Sierra Madre mountain that acted as Geronimo’s [famous Apache chief] Last Stronghold. Indeed, to ride at the ranch is to ride in what was once prime Apache country, where the fierce warriors once rode, camped and lived. At the ranch, after all, you are riding, breathing and living through history.

Besides riding through history, you will also ride through a diversity seldom seen at a guest ranch. You will explore pristine wilderness and diverse habitats and have chance encounters with our wildlife, including mountain lion. Guests ride to our high country, passing through vertical sierras, to locations such as Los Toros, �The Bulls,� a mountainous region so remote and secluded few humans have ever seen. Indeed, so remote is this region, that ferrel cattle roam its mountains, seldom, if ever, having seen a single human being.

You will also ride to �El Sordo,� �The Deaf Man,� high country so named for the incredible, omnipresent silence and quietness one encounters when there. Down in our Canyonlands, you will ride through stunning, wet, box canyons full of life, with cliff walls hundreds of feet high. You will ride through rock formations, formed over eons, that are beautiful manifestations of nature as it artistically carves its way through time. Throughout the ranch, you will explore habitats that are varied, diverse and exotic. You will see regions full of desert palm trees, organ pipe cacti, ocotillo forests, sycamore canopies and much more. You will ride through hills covered in knee-high, golden-colored grass, and see a vast collection of high country vegetation. With a riding elevation between 3,200 to 6,000 feet, your entire conception of what a desert is will be radically altered.

With 30,000 unspoiled and private acres of wilderness as your personal playground, backcountry horseback riding at the ranch offers almost unlimited hours of thrilling, challenging, yet fun-filled adventure riding in remote, rugged and secluded isolation, surrounded by mountains, hills, canyons and unsurpassed, unspoiled nature. Indeed, the sheer vastness of Rancho Los Banos will inspire you, while the landscapes and scenery that makes us unique will thrill you. It is not hyperbole to state that riding at the ranch is like riding in your own Western movie!

Besides first-rate horseback riding, the ranch offers awe-inspiring, world-class canyon hiking, open country treks, with comparisons made to Zion, Arches, Sedona, Big Bend and Moab. In addition, activities on Lake Angostura (fishing, kayaking, swimming), as well as adventures on the Bavispe River are offered. Also available are jeep ecotours, multisport adventures, biking, backpacking trips, birdwatching, wildlife spotting and stargazing. The art of porching is also very popular.

Kid's Programs

Children 0-6 visit us for free. Kids 7-10 pay a half rate. 11 and over pay a normal rate.

Children of all ages are welcomed at the ranch to join in with their parents in activities and adventures. We have hosted children as young as 9 months [and she had a wonderful time!]. However, we do not have a children’s program. Most children join in with their parents in our many adventures. Of course, adventures can be and are tailored to children in a group, making sure they are suitable to the various physical and mental abilities and limitations of our young guests.

Pre-teens and teenagers, especially, flourish at the ranch. The personal development seen over the course of their stay is very apparent, as they escape the wired world and enter the natural world. Our collection of activities offers fun, entertaining, relaxing, thrilling and challenging adventures that our pre-teen and teen guests absorb fully. Many of them thrive while at the ranch, evolving with each day of their stay. Our ranch is a great opportunity for children to discover mental and physical abilities, and learn a little about themselves in the process.

The adventures at the ranch takes them away from their element for a few days, opening their eyes to the outdoors, to being active in nature, and to the beauty of the natural world. With so many kids today wired to TV, video games, cell phones, music, the Internet and more, the ranch offers the opportunity to escape this wired world for a few days. After decompressing and disengaging from their gadgets, our kid guests discover a world beyond the wired, to a world of the wild, and the wonderful realm of the outdoors.

Children under the age of 10 also have a great time at the ranch. However, the level of fun they have, in our experience, is determined on a kid by kid basis, as well as a group or parental basis. In our experience, the overall fun and entertainment of our kid guests really comes down to the parents and the group they are with. If you are active, your child will be active, and entertained as well. If they are used to the outdoors, or are used to being active, the ranch will be fun. A lot depends on the individual child as well, as each brings their own personality along with them.



3,200-7,500 ft


The ranch is located 55 miles south of the SE Arizona town of Douglas in safe, secure northeast Sonora, Mexico, at the foot of the Sierra

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