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As the premier Wyoming dude ranch inside Grand Teton National Park, the Triangle X Ranch provides visitors with fulfilling experiences within unsurpassed natural beauty through an authentic and iconic western legacy. As a five generation family business, we are passionate about hosting visitors with warm and relaxing hospitality and connecting them with the outdoors through sustainable, service-oriented, family-friendly activities.

Your Hosts

The Turner Family





Minimum stay

7 night minimum stay during peak season (Sunday to Sunday)


Transportation to and from the ranch to Jackson Hole Airport can be arranged for a fee of $40. However, for your convenience we highly recommend you rent a car during you stay with us. There are several off ranch attractions to see, and activities to experience. Triangle X does not provide transportation outside of airport pick-up and drop off.


Dude Ranchers Association


Each of our 20 distinct log cabins originated in Jackson Hole and has a story of its own. Perhaps your home for the week housed an early settler family in the late 1800’s, later being moved to the ranch and gazing eternally out at the Tetons. Or your cabin was built with logs cut nearby the ranch and hauled in with teams of horses and constructed by members of the Turner family. 

Whatever your cabins story – the accommodations are simple, comfortable and appropriately rustic. While preserving their historic character and old west charm, all of our guest cabins have been well maintained.

Our cozy cabins range from 1 to 4 bedrooms, are attractively furnished and provide all the needed modern amenities. Each cabin is unique and named after one of our old time guest families. Many of which are multigenerational guests and still coming to the ranch.

After a day on the trail retire to the porch of your cabin — featuring unmatched views of Grand Teton National Park.

All cabins are equipped with the following amenities:

  • Full private bathroom with bathtub and shower (multi-bedroom cabins have at least 2 full bathrooms)
  • Comfortable log beds with linens
  • 3 bedroom cabins have sitting rooms
  • Small refrigerator
  • A porch with breathtaking views for relaxing and gazing at the mountains
  • Daily housekeeping

We have chosen to not provide television, telephones or Wi-Fi in our cabins – as we want to you to enjoy the true traditional dude ranch experience.

Food & Dining

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Sunday- Your first night at Triangle X Ranch is highlighted with an evening cookout. You will feast on a hearty BBQ dinner as the sun casts evening shadows on the Tetons. Begin making new friends, as the Turners personally welcome you to their home.

Wednesday – On Wednesday evening rides leave the ranch a little later than usual, stopping along a side channel of the Snake River at Triangle X Ranch’s private river cookout site. Enjoy late day moods along the river, complimented by a steak dinner and live folk song entertainment. Riding home at sunset is the perfect end to the perfect day.

Friday – Early to rise on Friday as your horse awaits and up the hill you go to the famous Spencer’s Mountain for a delicious breakfast cookout. Witness views words cannot describe.

Square Dancing

Lead by a professional caller and great fun for all, the Monday night square dance is always a hit. Learn as you go while you laugh and mix it up amongst friends.

Hiking, Photography, Swimming, Sightseeing

The ranch is ideally located for varied hiking, ranging from the gentle terrain of the valley floor and surrounding foothills to the more challenging trails into the Teton and Gros Ventre Ranges.

Photographers will find themselves happily kept busy capturing the breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife and wildflower displays–or just trying to keep up with the family.

Swimmers can enjoy an old fashioned swimming hole in a side channel of the Snake River.

There are numerous possibilities for scenic auto trips. Grand Teton National Park offers many things to see and do. Yellowstone National Park, only 32 miles away, can easily be visited with a day trip from the ranch.

Trout Fishing

Jackson Hole has hundreds of miles of streams and numerous lakes where you can pursue a variety of trout species to your heart’s content. The Snake River, a great cutthroat trout stream, winds its way through the ranch property. You’ll find miles of good banks to fish on your own, or the ranch can provide you with a guide and drift boat for an enjoyable day of float fishing.

Scenic Float Trips

Enjoying a scenic float on one of America’s most beautiful and unchanged wilderness river systems will present an unforgettable experience. Relax and enjoy Grand Teton National Park’s natural beauty while discovering the magic of the Snake River. Your experienced float trip guide will lead you into a protected sanctuary of pristine wildlife, beautiful wildflowers, sagebrush plateaus, cottonwood and spruce forests, and spectacular panoramic views of the entire Teton Range. Highlight your visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the unique diversity of wildlife, breath taking scenery, and serene calmness of the Snake River in majestic Grand Teton National Park.

Evening Entertainment

Evenings at the ranch are always enjoyable. Each week we schedule a square dance, an informative park naturalist presentation, and presentation on the history of the ranch and Jackson Hole area by a member of the Turner family. Guests also thoroughly enjoy the relaxed evening pace from the comfort of their cabin porch as the sunset leads into a snowstorm of stars.

The town of Jackson offers a wonderful rodeo, musical theaters, as well as our excellent Grand Teton Music Festival.

Kid's Programs

Little Wrangler Program
Triangle X Ranch provides a fun and unique environment for kids. The greatest feature is the freedom children have to spend every second of their day outside, doing what kids do best. Each week, our kids program hosts several children of all ages. Youngsters enjoy forming friendships with others, maintaining these friendships, and often returning year after year to reunite with buddies.

Riding is the main activity for kids. Children must be between the ages of five and twelve to participate in the well supervised little wranglers riding program. Kid’s rides are usually broken into three different age groups. Kids are each assigned their own personal mount from a group of our most experienced saddle horses. Little wranglers are not allowed on the adult rides, but parents are allowed to accompany their children on the kid’s rides (if parents think they can keep up).

Lead by a group of highly qualified kid’s wranglers, little wranglers enjoy riding lessons, games on horseback, swimming trips, horse painting, wildlife spotting, and several other fun destinations while out on their rides.

Teen Program
Each week several teenagers join us at Triangle X and they find much enjoyment in the teen program. Young adults between the ages of thirteen and nineteen hit the trail on a ride designed just for them. Along with regular ranch and riding activities teens have the option to partake additional events .

The first event is an overnight ride where teens ride out to an old cowboy camp and spend the evening cooking their dinner over an open campfire, followed by a night of sleeping under the stars (camping gear is provided). Supervised by a male and female chaperone, teens are sure to enjoy their night out on the range.

Teens also won’t want to miss an afternoon in Jackson with their wrangler – catching dinner and a movie.

Moms, dads and children all agree that the Little Wrangler activities and Teen Program help make a stay at the Triangle X a perfect family vacation.

Triangle X Ranch does not provide any day care services for children under the age of 5.



Triangle X Ranch is located on Highway 89, 26 miles north of Jackson, Wyoming- in the heart of Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole is very well connected to the rest of the country with several flights a day landing and departing the Jackson Hole Airport (airport identifier -JAC).

Closest Airports

The Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) is served by Delta, American, United, and Frontier Airlines with direct flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, and Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls also serve as viable alternative air travel destinations.

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