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  • Established

    1899. Guest ranch since 1995
  • Owner / Manager

    Peter & Marijn De Cabooter
  • Tel

  • Open

  • Nightly Rates (per adult)*

    $440 - $525
  • Nightly Rates (per child)*

    $375 - $446
  • Minimum Stay

    4 days
  • Maximum Guests

  • Works with travel agents?

  • Great For

    Romance, Action & adventure, Peace & quiet, Pampering, Solitude, Diverse scenery
  • Memberships

    North American Dude Ranch Association, Wyoming Dude Ranch Association, Top 50 Ranches, Top 10 Best Ranches of North America, etc.
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

All-Inclusive & Upscale - All about horses & riding

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is all-inclusive, upscale, and focused on riding, horsemanship, and especially caring deeply about your ranch riding experience. Limited to around 23 riders weekly, the ranch is in the tiny hamlet of Shell, Wyoming, east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park at the foot of the little-known Big Horn Mountains and National Forest. With a backyard of 650,000 acres in an area with a tremendous diversity of scenery and altitudes ranging from 4,200 to 13,100 feet, you will seldom see the same trail twice. Since its beginnings, The Hideout has always been a clean, organized, intimate and well-maintained guest ranch. More an equestrian destination than the traditional guest or dude ranch. While upscale, The Hideout is not a resort.

The Hideout offers a number of non-riding activities such as trapshooting, fly-fishing, biking, hiking and relaxing in our hot tub or take a dip in 60 x18 lap pool. However the main reason guests from the US and around the world return year after year is to ride and enjoy the very personal attention to detail and great care for guests and horses.

Good time to go

The Hideout's main season runs from the first week of April through the first week of November. Typically the ranch offers one or two winter riding weeks, limited to a small number of guests. Depending on interest, we also offer one or two weeks of horsemanship clinics in March. There is never a bad time to visit The Hideout as we offer a different, yet exceptional experience depending on the season you visit. Typically the number of riders will be smaller at the beginning and the end of the season. Given the high number of repeat guests, the ranch books up well ahead of the season.

Children at the Ranch

Great for children aged 8 and over

The Hideout offers no special children's programs. Instead, we encourage families to spend time together during your ranch stay. It is rare in today's busy world that families have a week to experience quality time together and you have that special opportunity at The Hideout.

We enjoy children 8 years of age and older given they are athletic, can ride, and will ride with their parents. Parents enjoy time with their children and we accommodate families who like to ride and enjoy this experience together. Kids will learn about horses, cattle, ranching, nature, etc. At The Hideout we treat children like young adults.

Most families with children visit during summer season from the second half of June through mid August. We also see families with children during school breaks or the European school vacations. Outside of these times, The Hideout is mostly adult oriented.


hiking, biking, picnics, outdoor play area, cookouts, supervised swimming


board games, ping pong, pool table

Environmental & Social Practices


Our Culture of The 3 C's of Character, Conduct and Competence is our most important asset. What we say is what we do. What we commit to is what we will deliver on. Our crew is friendly, respectful, polite, authentic and really cares.The owners believe strongly that to enable to offer a great guest and hospitality experience for our guests, our entire crew (which includes people, horses, dogs,..) needs to feel cared for and respected. Only then they can care and fully concentrate on you as guests. We take pride, respect and care of our horses who are part of our team and we want our guests to treat out horses with equal respect.


As a guest ranch located in the small community of Shell with population 83 we are involved with and support the community. We have bought and restored historial buildings in town that are key to the cultural, social and historical frame work of our little hamlet of Shell. We have moblised and involved a growing number of Hideout repeat guests to work with us and the community.


We believe strongly in being caring long term stewards of the lands we use and manage. No matter if this is our own private land, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), National Forest, Wilderness or property and lands owned by other private owners.

Each year we plant more trees, we work on stream banks to improve fish habitat, improve pasture and grazing areas using low impact methods. We practice rotational grazing and try to conserve on water where possible and practical.

Ranch History

The Hideout started in 1995 as the new Trapper Creek Guest Ranch, named after one of the first guest ranches in the area, The Trapper Creek Guest Ranch. Located down the road from the current ranch location, Trapper Creek Guest Ranch was one of the first guest ranches in the area and operated from 1899 through 1932. Famous guests that stayed at this ranch were Owen Wister, Teddy Roosevelt, Hemmingway, N.C. Wyeth, Huxley, etc. Owned by the same owners as The Hideout, The Trapper Ranch is our AH Horsemanship Clinic and Training location.

Your Manager, Peter & Marijn De Cabooter

Current owners Peter and Marijn De Cabooter moved over from Belgium in 2006, to manage The Hideout for Peter's aunt Paula, who founded the new Hideout together with her husband David in 1995. In 2017 they became full owners of the ranch. Born in the Belgian Congo, Peter worked most of his life in International Corporate Positions and both Marijn and Peter are culturally astute and well-travelled. Both are very passionte about offering an excellent riding and horsemanship experience at The Hideout, surrounded by a hospitality culture focussed on attention to detail, authenticity and really caring about their guests, staff and horses.

Your manager


  • Enjoy

    Gourmet, Ranch-style, Health oriented
  • Meals served

    family style, buffet style, everyone eats together, scheduled meals
  • Alcohol

    wine provided with dinner, available for purchase
  • Enjoy dining in

    nature settings, patio, dining room (casual attire), lounge
  • You'll definitely love

    ranch-raised beef, ranch-raised pork, ranch-raised chicken, farm fresh eggs, ranch garden, locally grown produce, fresh daily desserts
  • Dietary restrictions catered for

    lactose intolerant, vegetarians, Gluten free, other

The Hideout embraces the new trend in the US of healthier food and a greater variety of ingredients. We serve meats, fish, chicken, vegetables, pastas, etc. and all of our meals are made from fresh ingredients. During the week-end our chef visits and sources fresh vegetables from local organic farms. Our owners are European from countries with a great tradition in tasteful healthy food and this background, along with the influence of the chef at The Hideout, is very present. Our chef will try new things as she continues to school herself during the off season. Food at The Hideout is about more than "huge portions of whatever is on your plate as long as it is meat and potatoes". On the contrary! We welcome a growing number of discerning guests from around the world, and the United States who will not come back if the food is not good.

We serve hearty breakfasts cooked to your liking, along with a breakfast selection of breads, fruit, yogurt and cereals on the buffet. If you are out on an all-day ride, you’ll enjoy hearty sandwiches freshly prepared each morning; otherwise, head to the dining room for a truly scrumptious lunch.

In the evening during cocktail hour we serve freshly made appetizers. Alcohol, wine and beer is included at cocktail hour and wine and beer is included with dinner. Weather permitting there is an outdoor BBQ on Friday.

Our chef is able to accommodate the most common dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, gluten-free, allergies, severe dislikes, etc.

After making your reservation we forward an Incoming Guest Questionnaire for our guests to fill out and return prior to your stay with us. Along with riding and health information, this questionnaire addresses dietary requirements.

If you forward your requests in a timely matter our chef can shop for the necessary ingredients and prepare in advance for dietary restrictions. Considering the remote location of our ranch we can not guarantee your diet if you make last minute changes, decide to deviate from your diet or change your diet upon arrival.

We do not cater to special personal diets related to individual work-out programs, weight loss regimens, strictly organic, etc. because of the high priced ingredients and given the size and location of our operation.

Please let us know ahead of time and discuss your dietary requirements when making reservations. We like to set you up for success, which means allowing our chef and kitchen staff to prepare in advance and accommodate all of our guests.

Guest Favourites

  • Beef tenderloin, garlic smashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. Mousse au chocolat as desert.
  • Fresh medley of vegetables from the garden in the summer
  • Homemade soups such as carrot ginger and butternut squash

About our Wines

Our housewine is Woodbridge, but we offer a selection of wines guests can buy in our shop. Guests can also let us know which wines they like and given these wines are on the list of wines offered by The Wyoming Liquor Division, we can order these ahead of time. Some guests ship their own wines to the ranch, ahead of their visit.

Your Chef, Marry Warren

Mary was the the Chef at The Hideout from 2015 through 2019. At the end of our 2019 Season she took a break to take care for her mom in Florida. This year, Mary is returning to The Hideout to be our chef again for the 2022 Season. Many of our repeat guests are looking forward to Mary's cooking again.

Being a Chef at a guest ranch is a challenge because there is such a variety of expectations in terms of food. If you go to an Italian restaurant you expect Italian food. At a steak restaurant you expect meat, at a Japanese restaurant Sushi, and at a French restaurant you expect French food. Travelers come to The Hideout for the riding, horsesmanship and horses. As to food there is variety of expectations, because most of our new and repeat guests also come for the culinary experience. Dining is one of the highlights of the trip, they are looking forward to.

Mary has always done a great job in pleasing everybody!


  • Address

    3170 Road 40 ½ PO Box 206
  • Remote Location

  • Elevation

    4200-11,000 ft
  • Private Land

    1000-5000 acres
  • Public Land

    more than 50k acres

Nearest Town - Greybull

Greybull has a population of 1400 (approx), and is situated 17 miles / 30 mins from the Ranch.

Facilities in Greybull include: grocery store, pharmacy, church, school, post office, medical clinic, hospital, bank, atm, gas station, museum.

For shopping Greybull offers: small hometown necessity shops, boutique shops, western wear.

Ranch shuttle

Please call us - limited availability

Nearest Airports

Yellowstone Regional Airport, Cody


65 miles / 1 hour 30 mins


Delta, United Express

Ranch shuttle

Please call us - limited availability

Rental car


Logan International Airport, Billings, MT


140 miles miles / 2 hours 45 mins


Delta, United, Allegiant, Alaska, Cape Air

Ranch shuttle


Rental car


Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole - Wyoming


245 miles miles / 4 hours

Ranch shuttle

Not Available - Drive through Grant Teton & Yellowstone Park via Cody

Private Air Travel

Nearest location(s)


Travel by

Helicopter, Airplane


20 miles

Ranch shuttle



  • Type of Riding

    Western Riding
  • Riding opportunities for

    Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced
  • Most riders are

  • Rides are grouped by

    Age, Ability, Pace of Ride, Rides tailored to guest requests, Rides dictated by ranch work, Families ride together
  • Max riders per ride

  • Wranglers per ride

  • Pace of ride

    Walk, Trot, Lope
  • Guest Horses

  • Horse Types

    Quarterhorse, Draft Cross, Paints, Other, Geldings, Mares, The Hideout is a Mustang Center. We have successfully trained and introduced Mustangs as guest horses.
  • Hours in the saddle

    Morning - 2 hours
    Afternoon - 3 hours

The Setting

Private Land (1000-5000 acres)

Most of our private land is irrigated and on the more greener side. We ride along creeks, in canyons and in wide open spaces. Our colors and landscape are very diverse with different micro-climates and elevations. For this reason we attract a lot of photographers. Our landscape consists of rolling hills, creeks, red rock that makes you feel like you're in Arizona, deep canyons, green and dry portions, alpine forests, meadows, sagebrush, and lake country. Our wilderness reaches to 13,000 feet. This is a real trail riders paradise and home of The Big Horn 100 Mile Endurance Race.

Public Land (more than 50k acres)

We ride on close to 650,000 acres of BLM, National Forest & Wilderness Area. Not all seasons we have access to our entire riding area as we usually only ride in the higher mountains from Mid-June through the end of October. Our landscape consists of rolling hills, creeks, red rock that makes you feel like you're in Arizona, deep canyons, green and dry portions, alpine forests, meadows, sagebrush, and lake country. Our wilderness reaches to 13,000 feet. This is a real trail riders paradise and home of The Big Horn 100 Mile Endurance Race.

Our Riding

Scheduled rides

We try to customize the riding as much as possible to suit the different riders and guests within the limits of what is possible, fun and safe. In terms of scheduled rides, we usually start the riding at approximately the same times of the day and return around approximately the same time. Especially for the half day rides. For the longer rides, cattle work or special rides we might leave earlier and come back later. As we get more and more experienced riders and people who like to come learn to ride or learn more about horses we do customize more and more to make sure all guests are happy with their experience. We are not perfect but strive to come close. Safety is our number one concern. Our staff, management and owners are experienced in matching horses and riders considering the terrain in which we ride. At times they might correct the rider or switch horses based on their experience. We will deal with big egos if they endanger themselves, their horse and the other riders. Our goal is to treat every guest the same. This includes individuals who think they are more special than others. We make sure everybody has a great vacation. During the shoulder seasons when we have less guests we can be even more flexible. If you ride with your own group or family we can customize your ride to meet your needs. We always consider safety, fun and respectful handling of our horses and livestock.

Unscheduled rides

Half day rides are scheduled and we try to leave no later than 8:30 for all day rides. However, there is flexibility as to when you come back and we customize that to each person. Although our weeks are well planned and organized, sometimes there are unique opportunities or events that come up where we are able guests on unscheduled rides. This could be to go do special cattle work for the ranch, explore new trails that we have never ridden or even see something special... During shoulder seasons we can be even more flexible. If you would like to ride with your family or group of friends we can customize rides to your needs within the boundaries of safety, fun and respect for our horses and livestock. The Hideout has a fleet of 7 well maintained heavy duty pick up trucks pulling stock trailers. This offers a rarely seen flexibility to explore new country and travel greater distances for excellent and diverse riding.

Guided rides

Because of the vast and varied terrain in which we ride, all of our rides are guided by our wranglers. However The Hideout offers a seldom seen freedom once we see that guests can handle their horse in a safe way for rider, horse and the rest of the group. Especially during cattle work and advanced rides there is a lot of freedom to ride out and explore country to look for cattle and herd them to the group. We have maximum 5 riders per guide/wrangler/cowboy to keep it personable.

Riding Freedom

Listening to our guests who have been to other guest ranches or our wranglers we offer a lot of freedom and riding opportunities. Guests appreciate the diversity of the terrain and the fact that every year they see different rides. This is a riding ranch and that is why most people come to The Hideout.

Good to know

After making your reservation, we will ask you to fill out our Riding Questionnaire consisting of 5 Riding Levels. Please be very honest in filling out this questionnaire. We reavaluate your riding level during the Monday morning orientation. We lope / canter but the preferred and most safe gate to cover long distances is the trot. No matter your riding level, please be realistic about both your riding level as you physical condition. Safety first!

Weight limit for riding

Up to 225 lbs

Riding considerations

no riding experience needed, We recommend a good level of physical fitness, We consider height and athletic ability as well as a guest's weight

Hours in the saddle

Riding hours can vary depending upon ride and activity chosen. Half days vary from 2 to 2.5 hours - 2/3 days up to 5 hours and Full Days can last as long as 7 or more hours. Full day cattle drives can last into the evenings until the work is completed. Most of our rides are customized on a daily basis considering the desires and wishes of our guests. This is a riding ranch and that is why most our guests come. If we go explore trails with intermediate and advanced riders, riding time may vary and is sometimes not exactly predictable.


Why our riding stands out

  • The Hideout is all about horses, horsemanship and riding. Compared to many other guest ranches, The Hideout is more an equestrian and riding destination than the typical Dude or Guest Ranch. We do offer non-riding activities, but foremost we are a riding destination and guests come from all over the world to The Hideout to ride. This is not a nose to tail ranch but we accommodate all riding levels from beginners to advanced. Please be honest about your riding level.
  • We trailer out most of the time which allows us to make full use of our approx. 650,000 acre riding back ground with elevations ranging from 4200 feet in the valley to well above 10000 feet in The Big Horn Mountains. Very diverse scenery and micro climates.
  • Strong focus on relationship based and respectful horsemanship. We take great care of our horses consisting of Quarter Horses and a growing number of Mustangs we train in house. Most of our wranglers have both English and Western Riding experience. They are are mature, with both horse and people skills. Most of our wranglers and barn crew are female.

Sample Riding Itinerary

Every evening during cocktail hour one of the owners Marijn,who leads the barn or one of our seasoned wranglers visits personally with each of our guests or group of guests, and presents the possibilities of activities for the next day. During that personal time we also listen to your feedback, suggestions and desires. We try to make things as customized as possible with various riding opportunities from traill riding, riding lessons, horsemanship initiation, etc. We work to accommodate each guest's needs from the length of ride they'd like, to the type of ride they're interested in. This includes a limited number of non-riding activities. In all this we care deeply about safety, at all times we will strive to be honest about the riding expectations vs riding ability of our guests.

We don't have specific day to day riding schedule with set rides per day of the week. We visit each evening during coctail hour with every guest to discuss the possibilities and desires. We organize each day and full day rides and other riding activities like team penning or non-riding activities. Typically we need 3 to 5 guests per activity. However if we can make it happen with smaller groups we will always do this.

Riding Lessons

We offer riding lessons, getting acquainted with your horse lessons, natural horsemanship and ground work for beginning, intermediate and advanced equestrian. During the summer season we give the initiations and half day courses given there is interest and enough participants. This is part of the package.

Most of our wranglers are experienced instructors and offer advise and pointers to those guests who are interested to learn more. During the shoulder season we offer specialized clinics during specific weeks. During the shoulder seasons we organize 6-day dedicated riding and horsemanship clinics for small groups. These are hosted by Marijn, one of our owners who heads the barn and riding program together with our Vaquero Horse Trainer. At The Trapper Creek Ranch, a few miles down the road the infrastructure is used by ourselves and outside clinicians for 6-day horsemanship programs.




lessons come with package, basic riding lessons, advanced horsemanship lessons

Given by

wrangler, horse trainer, ranch owner or manager


on the trail, in the arena

Natural Horsemanship Clinic


Own staff and specialized clinicians of a diversity of backgrounds and levels


Clinics occur weekly, Clinics occur yearly, Included in package, Clinics occur in the arena, Clinics occur on the trail


$Included in the package

Focuses on

Our clinics take place during the shoulder seasons and focus on either general or specific points. We work with clinicians for around the world with the requirements they are 1) Respectful, low stress and open minded 2) Low Ego and not about themselves but about the horse and the participants 3) Professional and experienced 4) Friendly, safe, patient and respectful towards our horses, guests and staff. The clinic starts Sunday evening with a presentation on natural horsemanship and the history of horses with open questions and conversation. Our morning focus takes place in the arena and afternoon we apply the principles on the trail. During arena time, the trainers give a demo with horses and then go into break-out sessions with each wrangler taking 3-4 people aside and working independently with them. The clinic covers trail riding, cattle work, team penning, sorting, how to correctly bridle a horse (to be consistent so horses are comfortable), correctly saddling, and approaching and touch a horse. The trainers will zoom in and customize as needed. In the evenings, guest speakers/demonstrators come such as a saddle maker, veterinarian, and anyone related to horses.

Cattle work - pasture gathers

The cattle reside in the mountains throughout the summer; therefore, we trailer to the cattle. We will take up to seven trucks and trailers to the mountains to trail ride and work the cattle. On cattle drives, we take a maximum 5:1 guest to wrangler ration on cattle drives. Cattle work occurs as needed - The cattle work that occurs is because it's actual work that needs to be done; we don't make up the work.

Please read also under Sample 5 Day Riding Itenerary which explains in detail the kind of cattle work or range work to expect and how such day may look like. Moving, gathering cattle, working cattle, herding cattle we call in general Cattle Work as most ranches define this. There will usually also be ranch and cow dogs assisting with the work which is one of the highlights for many guests. 



Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct



No. of yearlings


No. of cow/calf pairs



Guests participate

Branding work

Sometimes we brand small numbers of calves in the arena and guests can assist.


On Request

No. of Branding

15 to 30


Guests watch, Guests participate

Wildlife Safaris

4x4 trips in the mountains. We pack a very nice picnic and often there will be wildlife sightings.


Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct



Arena Work

At The Hideout we have an big size outside arena and 90x90 feet inside arena. We use the arena for Monday morning orientation, riding lessons, team penning and sorting, games, stockmanship, cattle work orientation, authentic horsesmanship, etc. We also have round pens outside for training horses. The arena is groomed weekly and if too dusty we have a sprinkler system. We do more training in the arena working on movement of the horses. 

At The Trapper Creek Ranch, our clinic center a couple miles down the road we have additional, smaller arena of 160 x 80 ft and more round pens.

We believe in riding our horses in both the area as outside on the trail or during cattle work. 


indoor arena, outdoor arena


penning, sorting, roping from the ground, gymkhana


  • Nightly Rates (per adult)*

    $440 - $525
  • Nightly Rates (per child)*

    $375 - $446
  • Minimum Stay

    4 days
  • Preferred Arrival Day

  • Preferred Departure Day

  • Style of accommodation

    Western rustic chic
  • Packages available

    6 night, 2 week
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch can cater for up to 25 guests. Accommodation includes Cabins, Lodges and Houses. See below for details and indicative rates.

Cabin | The Hideout Log Cabins

Rates (Per Person)*

Summer: $410 - $540
Winter: $345
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

Minimum Stay

5 nights


5 Log Cabins each with 2 Separate Large Rooms and Loft. Each cabin comes with the warmth of Pendleton blankets, wireless internet, shampoos and soaps. Each cabin share a porch with rocking chairs. Some of our cabins have a King bed and some of the cabins have a Queen and Doubles. The Doubles can be made in King beds. All cabins have well functioning air conditioning and heat, wireless internet, refrigerator, flat screen tv, granite vanity top, etc.




Private bathroom


safe, fridge, hair dryer, seating area, plush bathrobes, air conditioning


tv, cable / satellite tv

Lodge | Casitas

Rates (Per Person)*

Summer: $345 - $540
Winter: $345
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

Minimum Stay

5 nights


The Casitas have been renovated in 2013 and 2014 and offer exceptional vistas. These are 4 rooms with bedroom in a two story log building. The lower Casitas have a King bed in the living / seating room and a Queen bed in the bedroom. They come with private bathroom, washer / dryer, wireless internet, phone, flat screen TV, etc. The upper Casitas come with living room and open kitchenette and a separate sleeping room. All our rooms come with shampoo, soap, wireless internet and welcome basket. The beds are made daily; on Wednesday all rooms are




Private bathroom


safe, fridge, microwave, hair dryer, seating area, plush bathrobes, air conditioning, washer / dryer


tv, cable / satellite tv

House | Luxury Hideout Home

Rates (Per Person)*

* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

Minimum Stay

3 nights


3 Bedroom Home, 2200 square feet with 2 master bedrooms, huge walk-in shower, bath, walk in closets, Italian tile, flat screen tv. Each master bedroom has its private deck and there are no communicating walls. There is a guest room which has its own walk-in shower with Italian tile, flat screen TV. The kitchen is high-end: marble tops, hickory floors, open fireplace. This home also includes a two-car garage, mudroom, and wireless internet. Located 10 minutes walk from The Hideout and can be included in The Guest Ranch Package.




Private bathroom


fridge, microwave, hair dryer, seating area, plush bathrobes, air conditioning, wood fireplace, washer / dryer


tv, dvd, vhs, cable / satellite tv, jetted tub in bath

House | The Guest House at Trapper Creek Ranch

Rates (Per Person)*

Summer: $435 - $540
Winter: $345
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

Minimum Stay

3 nights


Additional accommodations are available: Luxurious Guest House at Trapper Creek Ranch (www.trapper-creek-guest-ranch.com) with 3 bedrooms(beds: 1 bedroom with 1 kings, 1 with 2 singles, 2 with a queen), 2 bathrooms, loft, kitchen and living room, deck with BBQ, wireless inernet, soaps and shampoos. If you'd like to book this accommodation, it can be included in the Guest Ranch package at no additional cost or you may rent this out separately. Located within a 2 mile drive from The Hideout main lodge on The Trapper Creek Ranch.




Private bathroom, Shared bathroom


mini-bar, fridge, microwave, hair dryer, seating area, plush bathrobes, air conditioning, washer / dryer


dvd, cable / satellite tv

Booking Policy

We require a 30% deposit to secure your reservation, The final balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. Groups of 8 or more guests require a 50% deposit.

Included in your stay

meals, activities, lodging, Riding, Trapshooting, hiking, fly-fishing guided by our staff, 4x4 tours, ranch tours



Round Trip Transfer from Cody, Fishing Licenses, Alcohol Outside of Cocktail Hour


  • You can borrow

    Riding helmets, Saddle bags
  • You can rent

    Rain coats
  • Communications

    Wireless Internet/Wifi, telephone, free long distance.
  • Cell Networks

    AT&T, verizon.
  • Business Services

    printers, common computer.


Outdoor Activities

mountain biking, bird watching, Shooting - trap / clays

Water based Activities

outdoor pool, hot tub

Winter Activities

cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, down hill skiing, snowshoeing

Fishing & Wildlife

Fishing on offer

fly, river, stocked pond, stream, equipment available, guided inclusive, guided non-inclusive, unguided, instruction available, BYO equipment


mule deer, whitetail deer, mountain lions, black bear, coyotes, golden eagle, bold eagle, rattle snakes, fox, beaver, skunk. 

Additional Services

Corporate Retreats

For groups of 20-30.

We offer riding, playing with cattle and horsemanship for teambuilding as well as trapshooting, hiking, fishing and fly-fishing, snowmobiling. We will work with you to customize according to your needs.

Local Attractions


Cody is a great little western town founded by Buffalo Bill Cody and is located at the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Don’t miss the Cody Nite Rodeo, the wonderful Buffalo Bill Center of the West, art galleries, Western Antique shops, Saddle and Tack shops and The Chamberlain Inn boutique hotel.


65 miles / 1 hour

Ranch shuttle

$295/roundtrip for 4 people

Yellowstone National Park

Add some days visiting Yellowstone National Park before or after your ranch vacation. Grubsteak Tours out of Cody offers tours that start at $200/day/person (private guide, private vehicle, lunch included min. 3 people bookings per tour).


100 miles / 2 hours

Rental car


Custer Battle Field

Historic Battle of Little Big Horn


150 miles / 3 hours

Rental car



  • The staff at The Hideout will make your stay memorable; they are detail-oriented, down-to-earth and service-driven
  • It's a 100-year-old, 250,000 acre Wyoming Cattle Ranch with a European touch when it comes to food and pampering
  • Authentic working cowboys teach low-stress cattle handling and horsemanship
  • A unique combination of upscale, near-customized attention combined with diverse terrain, it’s a rider and photographer's dream


  • There are no supervised children's programs, as The Hideout encourages families to spend time together

Visitor Reviews

Dont just take our word for it, see what visitors like you say...

Exceptional visit

The Hideout is amazing! We wanted a unique vacation experience that would include activity and relaxation. The Hideout met all of our expectations. Peter and Marijn along with their outstanding staff really made the experience memorable. We had a terrific time exploring Shell, WY on horseback, caught brown trout while fly fishing, ate many, many delicious meals, relaxed in our comfortable cabin and met delightful new people (guests and staff) who we now call friends. We were very impressed with the staff members attention to detail and sincere desire to ensure our visit was exceptional in every way. Thank you Peter, Marijn, Tom, Rebecca and the entire crew of the Hideout. Well done!

5 stars

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