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Wilderness Camps on a Ranch Vacation

Today in the fast paced world in which we live there are still ranches that offer an escape in to the wilderness where the howl of a wolf is real, where billions of stars lite the skies and wildlife are seen in their true habitat – natures wonderous glory. There are a few ranches that share their wilderness camps with men women and older children who want to ride deep into the wilderness to experience raw nature at its best. Camp cooking, wildlife viewing, maybe even high mountain lake and stream fishing and maybe even campfires. Wilderness Camps – a window into a way of life that lets you slow down and rekindle your senses, your goodness and the wildness of mother nature.

Bitterroot Ranch

Serious riding and horsemanship program, offering Centered Riding, TTEAM and Natural Horsemanship clinics

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • May-Sep
  • 30
  • 81 miles