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Working Ranch Experiences

Welcome to WREX: Working Ranch Experiences! WREX is a new concept, much like ‘WWOOF’, where you can truly immerse in authentic ranch life and work on the ranch alongside your hosts – as a worker, not a guest. 

Arrive as a ‘City Slicker’ and step into the boots of a working cowboy with WREX: this unique travel experience combines adventure, cultural exchange, provides hands-on training and exposure to the practical skills required for working on a ranch – an undoubtedly valuable once-in-a lifetime experience.

We created WREX because many travelers have told us over the years how much they’d really like to spend time and gain work experience (not just vacation) on a real working ranch. WREX offers keen adults a glimpse of what living and working on a ranch is like! 

As you ride and work on the ranch we hope you will savor each and every minute with your hosts, embracing nature and all the wonders it offers. As always we wish you many more happy trails.

Badger Creek Ranch

Ideal for those looking for a working cattle ranch experience. The horses are their partners and horsemanship is the main focus. Instruction in all aspects of horsemanship (groundwork and riding) is provided by skilled and experienced horsemen

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • May-Oct
  • 8
  • 90 miles