California Ranch Vacations

Explore forests, deserts and mountains during your western California ranch vacation.

Venturing beyond the beaches and Hollywood you'll find California offers diverse riding through expansive redwood forests, arid deserts (including the famous Death Valley), long stretches of coastal countryside, and mountain ranges including the Cascade Mountains, the Tehachapi Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas.

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Alisal Ranch

10,000 acres of privately-owned land in the beautiful California countryside

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • All year
  • 250
  • 30 miles

Coffee Creek Ranch

Located in a beautiful mountain Valley in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • Apr-Nov
  • 40
  • 86 miles

Rankin Ranch

There’s a wonderful supervised children’s program

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • Apr-Oct
  • 55
  • 45 miles