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Purchased by Ted Turner in 1992, the Ladder Ranch is located in southcentral New Mexico and covers an incredible 156,439 acres (245 square miles). Ladder Ranch contains four tributaries of the Rio Grande River – the Animas, Seco, Palomas and Cuchillo streams. These streams support abundant flora, including sycamores and cottonwoods, and fauna such as Chiricahua leopard frogs and sensitive Rio Grande cutthroat trout, which will be soon restored to the streams.

Your Hosts

Ted Turner





$6,000/night ($1,500/person)



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Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch house exudes the “authentic” Southwest, complete with Ted’s personal touches, representative of his countless experiences and adventures. Upon entering this five bedroom, three bathroom ranch house, you’re instantly taken by its luxuriously comfortable and unassuming ambience, characteristic of its longtime, devoted owner Ted Turner.

Food & Dining

Your stay at the Ladder is truly customized to your wants and needs, with meticulous attention given to even the slightest detail. Ted’s house includes a fully-equipped kitchen for our on-site private chef service to prepare all meals exclusively to your taste for an exceptional dining experience. Your private house manager will be available at all times to assist with any special requests during your stay.


Ted Turner Expeditions’ (TTX) adventures are unrivaled and unprecedented. Our eco-conscious journeys are individually crafted and tailored to their specific locales. TTX is committed to making a difference by inspiring individual action to preserve the wonder of nature. For those who seek an even more exclusive and customized experience, TTX offers a supremely unique stay at Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch, which boasts over 150,000 acres of sprawling New Mexico ranchland and endless adventure, as well as overnight accommodations at Ted Turner’s private house on property. During your stay at Ted’s house, all tours and transportation to and from his other nearby properties, the Armendaris Ranch (over 350,000 acres) and Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa, are available and executed by your private TTX guides. From mountain biking and scenic hiking to wildlife viewing and historic walking tours, let TTX tailor the perfect itinerary for your ideal New Mexico getaway.



Caballo, NM

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